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Someone who asks me about the trip when i came back form last  week…i  replied……yes I Traveled,it was crazy and fun

”Why  Traveler?why  fun ??” is together with ”Why do you travel?” and ”Don’t you feel tired when traveling ?” the 3 most frequented questions from both people who know me and those new ones I run into when on the road.

The name of the blog is putting together the 3 words that describing us the most. I’ve been called those 3 words probably more than my real name. So that’s why!

And now, I’d like to make some things clear. It’s really pissing me off that some people just do not want to understand. Or let’s say they have so strong preconceived notions about things and words they cannot think in a different way.

If the majority of people is trying to overcome the problems with alcohol, gambling, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, passivity, negativity and depression in front of a TV talking bullshit about people they ”think” they know and no one EVER stops to think about it … no one EVER says it’s wrong just because most of people do so.

But then, why is finding happiness with traveling, healthy lifestyle and smiling at strangers being questioned so much?

The first group of people mentioned above have no guts to take their life into their hands and make it better. They just purely exist outwardly changing the consequences of their bad habits making then even worse.

The second group though is where I belong and where many of my best friends belong too. We are trying to change the reason, the source of the problems, not the consequences.

So next time when you hear the word TRAVELER, question those who are trying to find happiness with really bad habits. Travel is NOT one of them. 

 you know what the FUN is ??? from me …..

Fun is making anyone laugh with you.

Fun is making a smile on others’ faces when they think of you.

Fun is being spontaneous, grab a friend and travel to an unknown destination.

Fun is joking.

Fun is making fun of yourself.

Fun is being able to have fun with 0 alcohol.

Fun is playing games late at night with people you just met.

Fun is laughing when you leave Thailand to escape the floods and you get to Cambodia where you end up walking through floods up till your knees/waist and still laughing.

Fun is getting 5 friends into jacuzzi with you, a jacuzzi for two; and laugh who touched who by accident.

Fun is laughing in any situation, no matter how bad it seems



Note : This blog specially for traveler who love to see the world  specially  Azlan , Jaddi  & manso…


I am not from east or west,

not from land or sea,

not of the earth, not of water,

not of air, not of fire.

I am not from India, not from China,

not from Bulgar, not from Saqsin,

not from the realm of the two Iraqs,

not from the land of Khurasan.

My place is placeless, my trace is traceless,

no body, no soul, I am from the soul of souls



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