Sahib Zaade, Ishq Zaade And Haram Zaade??

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Is character less, corrupt, feudal lord sons are capable of being a good leader?

In a country such as Pakistan, is definitely an important factor for 98% population who,s living on average and blow average line,where corruption and elite class ancestors politics ,where the Establishment occupied on democracy where  Feudal are trying to Imposed their son and grand son as a future leader…are they really eligible to lead us?

Lets start with the Bilawal Bhuto Zardai ( Son of President and Co-Chairman of PPP)

I am going to tell you why Bilawal is not worthy of a leader.

1. He is a 21 year old kid who spent only 9 years of his whole life in this country he wishes to rule one day.

2. He is a privileged feudal lord who spent his whole life in excess luxury. I want to ask this kid has he even spent one minute of his life in load shedding? Has he ever been inside a public school in Pakistan where children often sit on the ground?

Has he ever been to a public hospital in this country where people are piling on top of each other?

Has he ever had no water in his house?

Has he ever have to drive his car over a broken road?

Has he ever suffered like we Pakistanis suffer daily under his fathers rule.

PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif is backing his nephew Hamza Shahbaz to become the president of party’s Punjab chapter in a move that would ‘formally introduce’ the family’s next generation in national politics.

Hamza, who is one of the two sons of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, is currently a Member National Assembly (MNA) and the only youth member of the Sharif family active in politics,

A one girl,Ayesha Ahad, who claimed to be wife of Hamza Shahbaz, Ayesha Ahad Malik told to media that she will continue to pursuit Hamza Shahbaz until she get justice, she said why Nawaz Sharif an Shahbaz Sharif are not listening her? She said that Hamza Shahbaz guards also know her and she will continue to follow Hamza.

Prime Minister Son Ali Mosa Gilani 

Ali Mosa Gilani earned 7o billion rupees by importing a prohibited chemical (afii drain)in Pakistan. Even though this chemical has worldwide ban.


Dr Arsalan Iftikhar, Son of Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry

A suo moto notice taken on allegations that Dr Arsalan Iftikhar had been doled out Rs300 to 400 million by property tycoon Malik Riaz

 I also want to know what is so special about them which makes them a “LEADER” having a particular last name does not make you a leader. He has no connection to this land except its people serve to fill his bank account. they are not my leader neither is Moonis Elahi, Hamza Shahbaz or Maryam Nawaz,bilawal,and other son of a ……………..

CM balochistan Provience







Tsunami Ishq Zaada







Yesterday I watch one of leaked TV  talk show video…after watching that I found the orignal Haram ZAade….and this words actually completed my title of  blog now.(i sorry i didn’t able to find a better word for them )

I wonder which country where i ware. there are more like mubashir and meher in the media industry, and all of these anchors start their performances from 7:00 pm evening till 12:00 am midnight. almost on all T.V channels depicting their loyalty to their paymasters.

TV Anchor Ishq Zaada

Problem is with us ‘common people’. Why do we expect so much and consider these anchors ‘Patriots’. They are simply doing their job and selling their ‘words’ just like actors do their best to make their drama a hit. Its a fake glamorous world of media full of disguise. We must not expect too much from either military or judiciary or politicians or businessmen or media men as ‘Villains’ and ‘Corrupt’ exist everywhere. Even if we perform a clean up operation, 1% germs would still be left as you see in ‘Safeguard’ soap ad.

A Dozen More exept these four

Media is one of the power centers and therefore one of the most corrupt. The real face has come to surface. It is high time that the public delivers the justice and boycotts these anchors instead of waiting either the God or the judiciary to deliver the justice. Does what is within your reach and don’t wait for the next birth and expect Allah to do what u can do very well?

Shame on such anchors and this is not enough; they should be made accountable by the judiciary now. No more gates should be opened except Media gate.Recommend !!

(Note: Accept my apologize for using a slang words in Urdu)


So Called Prime Minister Gillani-ology

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We are well aware about the extent the awfulness of Pakistani Government and PPP politicians specially. There are numerous examples that testify the claim, but the limits of this insanity have unfortunately not been determined as yet.

An example of this was demonstrated when the convicted Prime Minister of Pakistan, Yousuf Raza Gillani was recently interviewed by a CNN journalist Becky Anderson on his visit to United Kingdom. Even though there were various issues that were discussed, some of the answers by the Prime Minister were either equivalent to doing a stand-up comedy or make you pity the state he leads.


Please have some Gillani-ology

While leaving,

The super and final dose of entertainment arrives at the very final stage of the video. When asked about the increasing dissatisfaction and trust deficit that prevails among the people of Pakistan, Gilani’s answer amazed us.When asked about the latest Gallup poll which suggests that one-fifth of Pakistanis want to leave the country,


The premier didn’t hesitate to respond: “Why don’t they just leave then”.

The matter-of-fact response was followed by, “Who’s stopping them?”


While his comments were followed by an apparent awkward silence between the interviewer and interviewee, the CNN interview clip has gone viral on the internet by fervent tweeters and bloggers.

In either case you have to give full marks to the defiance and courage with which he defends his illogical logics. A couple of such instances have been provided below in the form of time managed sequences.

You listen to this and you feel like burying yourself alive twenty feet deep. The reaction of CNN’s Becky Anderson is actually priceless. Is it humiliating and embarrassing? Sure it is. It is the equivalent of the Prime Minister telling a 180 million people to go to hell. It’s as if he’s saying, I have a dozen problems of my own, my son is being tried in a narcotics scam case, I have been convicted and you guys are worried about your visas?

Mr.Gillani didnt u feel shame while you said this ???

Did,nt you feel guilt while she said a pakistan is disfunction-al society ,rater you ware laughing while answering .its such a shame full act

Well then, this is the Prime Minister of Pakistan for you…




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