Logic Behind !….Main Aur Mera Hathii ( Me & my Elephent)

March 31, 2013 § Leave a comment

Main Aur Mera Hathii Its not only the Title of late 80,s bollywood movie,there is a logic behind ,It’s seemed to be just one liner sentence but it’s a soft word that I used to say instead of Selfishness.


There’s a big difference between someone acting good and someone being good. ‘Acting’ good is doing the right thing when there is some kind of selfish benefit to doing it. If people see me help someone out, then they will be more likely to respect me and I’ll get a selfish benefit from it.

Greed is also a sub type of selfishness. And most of us are taught from childhood that selfishness is sinful, bad or evil. But is selfishness necessarily nasty? Negative? Unspiritual? Sacrilegious? Or can selfishness sometimes be a good thing? Healthy. Necessary. Positive. Even spiritual. Can we get too selfless for our own good?

Evolutionary psychology: evolution made us act good, but we are not actually good:

Evolution can explain that very easily. ‘Being’ good on the other hand is being good even when there is no selfish benefit to you at all – and you know it. Being good is doing the right thing even when you know that gossip, tit for tat, getting something later, is not going to reward you for doing the right thing.

In evolutionary terms, creatures who are good and are not just ‘acting’ good are at a large disadvantage in passing on their genes. A person who donates money to a charity in front of everyone may get a selfish benefit from it because people will respect them. But a person who gives a lot of money to a charity without anyone knowing will probably hurt their selfish interests. Enough of those sorts of decisions will hurt your chances of reproduction. So evolution works against people ‘being’ good rather than ‘acting’ good.


This is why people are selfish in evolutionary psychology – evolution made us act good, but we are not actually good. In evolutionary terms, everything good we do is for the sake of appearances, higher social status, and later benefits.

Original sin: people have a ‘good essence’ in the image of God, but we are enslaved to ‘selfish self-interest’, which comes from being able to reason and think critically about how we could get ahead in life


In original sin, people have a basically good essence in that we are all made in God’s image. Just like God is love, so humans were meant to care for each other and God in the way that God does. We have a moral sense that holds us accountable to the way the ‘image of God’ should act. But we are also pretty clever and we can tell that if we mess other people around then we can get ahead in life. This isn’t the way we were meant to operate, but it’s true that being selfish can get you ahead in life. So even though we hv good essence, with free will + being able to think of how we could pursue our interests without regard to others = you get original sin

Because I think the ability to confidently make the distinction between these two words is critical, I decided to write this post. So the next time you’re considering whether a behavior of yours–or someone else’s, for that matter–is justified, you might simply ask yourself: “Is it selfish . . . or self-ish?” or MAIN AUR MERA HATHI……



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