(Ramadan) A Month of Healthy Positive changes Not Hypocrisy…

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Above Comics is just an example,which i am seeing in the Copenhagen in the month of Ramadan

In my opinion, people who only become religious in Ramadan seems right but not entirely. yesterday one of my friend Mr.AZL  uploaded a lavish AFTAR(fast break ) picture which i saw a couple of hours ago, Let me categorically say this: In my opinion, it is not at all hypocritical to all of a sudden become more religious just because it is Ramadan. The hypocrisy continues during Ramadan in the kind of meals they eat. Rather‫ ‬than simple meals which they have during the year, they arrange for elaborate‫ ‬meals, spending sometimes triple or more money on food during Ramadan than in‫ ‬any other month. In reality, it‫’‬s not true fasting, but an excuse for‫ ‬eating extra in the month they claim to be fasting.


Muslims Can’t Gain the Favor of God by Practicing Religious Ceremonies Such ‬as Ramadan‫.‬

It is not true fasting, because the participants still eat their meals‫ ‬during the night. Since the ritual allows them to eat while it is dark, they‫ ‬simply eat a large meal in the late evening and wake up early in the morning for‫ ‬another big meal. In other words, they simply change the time of their meals‫ ‬from daylight to darkness‫.‬

This month is yet just another month for everyone else in the world, but for Muslims, it is a very important and distinctive month. It is the month in which we increase giving in the way of God, acquire the greatest level of humility and abstain from all evil committed through our eyes, tongue, hands and so on,Ramadan is about tolerance and spirituality, I agreed, but there is another aspect to Ramadan and that is sacrifice. At the apparent level, we sacrifice food, water, and etcetera during the fast.

I think that by sincerely doing good and avoiding bad in our entire lives, and not just in Ramadan, makes us better human being  and helps us avoid hypocrisy, one of the traits of a human that God hates the most.

One of my another friend in Copenhagen,MR.A i used to call him (Tsunami) haha not cuz of his anger its another story may the later RIP ..he used to get  angry during fast, i am not a religious scholar but i am requesting him With tolerance this world could become a place to live happily but to learn the art of being tolerant we have to observe fasting in the true sense of the word. That is perhaps the one lesson we can all try and should learn from this month.

Be careful; in the process of becoming a good Muslim don’t forget to become a good human being as well. Luckily in the West the laws and society will guide you in that direction (but in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, its a personal struggle.)



Jante Law (A Danes Dirty Little Secret)

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Although many people specially foreigners will probably live in Denmark without knowing what Jante Law is, when one starts going a bit deeper into Danish culture, the Law of Jante (Janteloven in Danish) will most likely pop up at some point.

Although the law exists since the beginning of civilization, it was only officially declared in 1933 by writer Aksel Sandemose in the novel “A refugee goes beyond limits”, in which the fictitious Danish town of Jante lives by its own ten commandments. Jante’s law is defined by Sandemose: “This is Jante: each little soul’s struggle for coequality and recognition, never without consciousness that all the others are greater than he.”

It’s one of the many non-written laws in Denmark, which operates in a subconscious level. Those foreigners who want to integrate properly should know it (and probably follow it to a certain degree?)

According to Wikipedia, there are ten different rules in the law as defined by Sandemose, all expressive of variations on a single theme and are usually referred to as a homogeneous unit: Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us


The ten rules are:

Don’t think that you are special.

Don’t think that you are of the same standing as us.

Don’t think that you are smarter than us.

Don’t fancy yourself as being better than us.

Don’t think that you know more than us.

Don’t think that you are more important than us.

Don’t think that you are good at anything.

Don’t laugh at us.

Don’t think that any one of us cares about you.

Don’t think that you can teach us anything

This is a Danes dirty little secret. Look at the all the type about happy Denmark – perfect social welfare community, tight knit and socially conscious.

Many Danes that you ask about Jante law are a bit ashamed of it it is considered a snide, jealous and narrow small-town mentality which refuses to acknowledge individual effort and places all emphasis on the collective, while punishing those who stand out as achievers.but they are all variations on a single theme and are usually referred to as a homogeneous unit: Don’t think you’re anyone special or that you’re better than us.

.Ask a Dane and they will tell you Jante Law is terrible, yes it exists but they hate it. They hate to admit it exists. Yet they almost feel powerless to change it.

According to my skat,(tax) it is not something that they’re told but more the general mentality of Danish people, that dislikes anyone that stands out.The Jante laws are here to preserve the idyllic, happy communal living standards in Denmark. And if i wanted to live here,I had to learn the unwritten laws, shut up and pay my taxes.

Well, I am sorry but I don’t like it. Of course I don’t like the opposite mentality either, that is mothers who tell their children they are the best in the world, better than anyone else

Diversity is necessary. Diversity leads to evolution. Diversity brings enrichment. Of course it’s not nice when someone comes to us thinking that he’s better (as a whole) than anyone else (personally I’d like to break one of jante law *Don’t laugh at us.*), at that time but how good is it having people who think they’re worth nothing?

Balanced, friends, balance is always the key.

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